How To Respond To Myrtle Wilson's Death

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The Death Car Last night in the valley of Ashes just after dark Myrtle Wilson wife of George Wilson was killed in front of her husbands car shop in a hit and run accident. Witnesses say that it was a custom yellow car that came flying through the Valley and Mrs. Wilson ran right out in front of the vehicle. The vehicle then came to a stop and then sped off without checking on the woman. A interview was held with Mr. Wilson and was asked why she had run out in front of the car. He responded with “We were in a fight about moving to the West Coast. When I told her that we could not stay here any longer she got so upset and started screaming and yelling that we could not leave”. Mr. Wilson declined any more questions due to his emotional state.…show more content…
They looked like well groomed folk especially with that pretty little car. They looked back and they were off like a bullet in the wind! People tried to run after them but they were gone real fast.” Coroner reports that Mrs. Wilson showed signs of abuse such as a broken nose and bruises on her arms. Foul play with the husband has been ruled out. At the scene Tom Buchanan was spotted and asked if he knew the victim. He said “I am just a friend of Georges’ and was driving by and stopped to see what was going on. I am here to support him”. There will be a gathering in front of George Wilsons Garage to honor the life of Myrtle Wilson that had been taken away too soon. Myrtle and George had been married for 12 years and did not have children. Myrtle and George like all Americans were only trying to achieve the American Dream of wealth and fortune. May her soul rest in peace while her murderer is found. There is a 1000 dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect driving the vehicle. We need the publics help to find this yellow car and the two people that were in the vehicle. If you have any information at all please contact the New York police department or The Daily Roar. There are people standing by to answer your phone

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