How To Save A Child Adoption Persuasive Essay

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Raising an adoptive child is a big responsibility. It 's not as easy as everyone thinks. It’s a decision both of the adoptive parents must take carefully knowing what kind of responsibilities they 're willing to take. Basically it 's taking a child not biologically yours in a legal way to raise them and give them all the care they need providing them safety, health care and education. It 's a great opportunity for the parents who cannot have a child such as infertile people to raise one and treat him as their own. Having a child and taking care of him as your own may be hard but it worth the risk knowing you 're saving an orphan child from the misery regarding what they’ve been though. The adoptive parents should make sure they don’t let their adopted child feel insecure about themselves or their life. Long time ago adopting was rare and not everyone can adopt, but nowadays it became so popular that many people decided to adopt. Every child has the right to feel loved and secure in a loving and supportive family, and every child has the right of equal opportunity for the future. However, there are so many children were not so lucky and couldn’t live their life like others. Some were abandoned by their real parents, others were a mistake of an accidental baby, but most of them…show more content…
As we can see there are many reasons that people adopt. Some of them want to adopt to save an orphan child from his miserable life and take him into a better place, while others can 't have babies so they face a lot of problems in having a family because of the infertility. So they decide to adopt and care about this child as their own. "Oftentimes, the birth mother and adoptive parents have met prior to the child 's placement for adoption. Open adoption, defined as various forms of continuing contact between birth families and adoptive families after an adoption is finalized" (Malinda L, 2015). Second parent adoption gives parents legal rights to their children (Bryant, 1995,

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