How To Save Endangered Species Essay

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Introduction to the topic
Save endangered species mean that we need to rescue the species of animal that are become lesser and lesser each day. Examples like white tiger, rhino , elephant etc. The reason of why this animal become lesser is because they are being hunted for their skin, paw, tusk , horn to satisfies human needs and wants. This endangered species also include the plant species. If we didn’t save the endangered species , the balance in the ecosystem will be affect.

Issue from the selected topic

Starting from the industrialization of human society , a huge amount of the animal species and plant species are being threatened by the human. People around are putting effort in saving the endangered animal but are given limited resource. In my opinion we should save all the endangered gene in a gene bank so that we would be able se the animal in the future.
Habitat loss is by far the most widespread cause of species endangerment. Usually this is due to some form of human activity. Forests are cut down to create more land for agriculture or building and coastal marshlands are drained for the same reason. Agricultural activity such as removal of hedgerows and pesticide spraying have removed both habitat and food supply for
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We all know that the world ecosystem is a delicate balance, we also know that everything would fall apart if something as major as all animal kind went extinct. Cause it won’t just affect the animal chain but also affect the human race. Some plant and insect would be over populate and eventually human kind would be in more trouble other than animal extinct. Example animals are used by some plants to disperse seeds, some animals can eat other plant-eating animals, bees and other insects help pollinate flowers, earthworms aerate the soil so that the roots of plants can better obtain oxygen. One of the example is the remora
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