How To Set Career Goals

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• In the beginning of trying to set career goals you will not have any idea where you want to reach for. Even if you would have ideas they will be vague and will lack clarity. So, expect that.

• Even if your career goals are set for professional achievements, make sure that they are your personal goals. What we mean by that is don't set any career goals because you think people around you want these things from you. You need to want these career goals. Then are for you and they should only be for your fulfilment. If you set career goals for your significant others, you will not be motivated enough and chances are you will leave those career goals away once the motivation runs out after few days. If you set personal career goals, you will
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• Start with a theme: If you notice you would see that there is a theme in your life. People who love writing, reading, publishing, designing are somewhat attracted to book clubs, libraries, new designs and covers of the books and they even like the smell of the pages of new books. So find out your theme. What do you like to do more often? Better way to put it is what attract you most during the day? The chair of the CEO, papers on strategy, selling xyz in the market, championing people around you. Find a theme first. Then set career goals around them. • Set 10 year career goals: Make a list of 3-5 career goals you want to achieve once you know your theme of life and career. But make sure it's not more than 5. First of all, you’re starting with nothing but a theme and a vague idea about what you want to be in your professional life in next 10 years. So make sure they are concrete and easy to count. Don't set career goals like - “I want to be a chairman of a company in the next 10 years.” Rather write something like this - “I am ready to take over the position of the chairman of the company.” The significant difference between the above two statements are havoc. In the first statement you are just scratching the surface but in the next statement you're a capable individual who can handle the position. Secondly, in the first sentence, you are about to do it on future but in the second statement, you're ready already. Thirdly,…show more content…
So if you're too bothered about whether these things belong to your passionate areas of work, you will not be able to move ahead very far. Career goals are set so that you can do hard things first which will lead you to your passionate area of work.

• Do the thing that you need to do: Don't overwhelm yourself too much. No matter how high your career goals are, don't look at the most right away. Better, forget your long term goals. Rather do the thing right in your hand, each day, each week, each month and each year. Eventually you will reach there or maybe at better place.

• Set rules: No you don't need to follow rules of anyone. Set your own rules of doing things. That will make things easy. You will be able to streamline your work and you would be able to accomplish much more than you think is possible for you. Don't go overboard if you work somewhere. Use your common sense. Setting rules are for making your work easier not for making fun of your
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