How To Start A Thanksgiving Essay

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Thanksgiving is getting closer and many people is getting more and more nervous for the big feast in which they are going to fail. But in this text you are going to find some easy ways to avoid failure and hurry up the cooking. The usual disaster is that you you don`t have time to cook the Thanksgiving dinner before the guests arrive. The most common thing that the whole thing falls apart on is the turkey. Because it`s takes so long time to cook it and to thaw it. So here is a little tip on how to thaw it faster when you have forgotten it in the fridge or something like that. You only bottle up a bath of hot water and put the turkey in it. One more tip is when you don`t have time to put the turkey in the oven as long as it needs. You only turn up the heat a little bit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. But you have to remember the aluminum on the turkey to avoid to burn the skin.…show more content…
The thanksgiving dinner contains Turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and some pumpkin pie. There are some festivities and parades in some cities to. Thanksgiving has been celebrated in United states since 1863 and is celebrated everywhere on the 4th Thursday in November. Except in Canada where you celebrate it the 2nd Monday in October. A little History There are many stories where it all begun with thanksgiving. The traditions talk about pilgrims returning from Europe to the United states. After difficulties with the harvest they finally had a good harvest which they celebrated with a feast with duck and wild geese to honor god. Black Friday Thanksgiving is also a preparation day for the day after, Black Friday. On thanksgiving is almost all stores are closed but then on Black Friday all stores open again with big sales and so
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