How To Start A Tornado Essay

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If you live in the Midwest, tornados are often a common occurrence. Parents start teaching their children the do’s and don’ts during a tornado as early as possible. Although most

of it is common sense, a few rules do not occur to some during the chaos of a tornado.

If you’re inside a building, go immediately to a storm cellar, basement, or the lowest building level. Most houses in a tornado area will have storm cellars or basements. However, if you 're in a building without a basement, go to a place in the center of the building, on the lowest level, under a stairway, or in a hallway with no windows. Get under a sturdy object like a table and cover yourself with a thick padding such as a mattress or a blanket. Hiding in a bathtub may also
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However, you must remember that tornados can travel more than 60 miles per hour and can change directions at any time. If you are not able to drive away from the tornado, leave your car and seek shelter in the nearest building or storm shelter. If there are no nearby buildings, find the nearest ditch or an area lower than the road level and get as low to the ground as you can, covering your head with your hands. Get far away from cars, trees, and powerlines. If you cannot find any ditches nearby, park your car and stay in it with your seatbelt on. Never park under bridges or overpasses; they offer little protection from debris and could collapse. Crouch below the level of the windows and cover your head with your hands, a blanket, or any cushions.

Since 2000, 45% of all tornado fatalities have been in mobile homes. If you’re in a mobile home, get out immediately! They are prone to overturning, even if they are tied down. Seek shelter in a nearby building or lie down in a ditch.

These rules are important to remember. If you live in an area that is a tornado zone, make a tornado plan. Your storm shelter should always be well stocked with the necessary items for the next tornado. It is always better to be over-prepared than

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