How To Start A Year Round School Essay

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According to studies, only 10-15% of people retain the information that they learned in the previous year of school. Students have an increase in their stress levels when they feel as if they don’t know what they are learning or don’t remember what they learned. Many kids lose valuable information through long summer breaks. Year-round schooling is the apex of the educational timeline. Schools should be converted to a year-round calendar due to the many positive effects it has for students. A year-round schedule provides students with more of an enriched education. With having shorter summer breaks it gives students less time to forget what they had previously learned. It helps increase grade average and test scores. According to J. Matthews in the “Washington Post” a school in Alaska converted to the different schedule and increased the reading average from the 28th percentile to the 71st percentile. With a year-round program it provides different schedules for everyone and with less people in each class provides less distractions and easier learning. “Year-round schooling provides different times for kids to work according to their schedules, it increased…show more content…
It gives more breaks in the school year providing many more opportunities for students and teacher’s to do activities they’re passionate about. This program provides a more cost-effective program for most families providing more money for other uses in the school district. With more breaks in the school year, it allows families more time together and strengthens family ties that are lacking for some students and teachers. “Families involved in the year-round schedule especially those in agriculture or tourism get more opportunities to go on vacations due to having the option of taking many breaks throughout the year and having time during the off-season for their jobs.” said Michael Rooney from the American education
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