How To Stay On The Freeway

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A mental set that I am driving on my way home and then there is traffic on the freeway so I know this shortcut to get home that never has traffic. I live in Downey and when I finish school at 5 pm at Cypress College there is usually a lot of traffic on the 605 freeway. So instead of staying on the freeway where there is traffic, I use Studebaker Boulevard which runs parallel to the 605 freeway and there is never traffic on that street when I use it. Normally, going on the freeway is supposed to be faster on the street but when it is rush hour there is usually a lot of traffic so finding that street is a mental set for me because I get home earlier than the people stuck on the freeway. The way I solve the problem of getting home earlier is by using street that are adjacent to the freeway.…show more content…
Honestly, this is a situation that I would love to avoid because there is nothing but crying and sadness. In my culture, when someone is dying, others are in state of denial which is the reason why they don 't pull the plug on the person dying until the doctor says there is nothing he can do anymore. When my grandma was dying, one of my uncles refused to accept the fact that she was dying and my aunt (his sister) wanted to pull the plug on her which frightened my uncle heavily. So he stayed with grandma the entire time because he feared that when he wasn 't there, my aunt was going to tell the doctor to pull the plug on my grandma. When my grandma succumbed, my family was full of grief and regret which made the healing process much slower. In my culture, when someone dies they engage in daily prayers for nine days in order for her soul to be able to reach heaven. In conclusion, my culture doesn 't accept death like other cultures
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