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How to choose the perfect base layer to keep you warm this winter cold? I think that I can fix it. To stay warm in any condition, such as office, commuting, ski slope, outdoor, it starts with the base layer. The way to find the best one to suit your personal needs is as follows.
What will the base layer do? We asked Gerard Smith, senior global product designer at Icebreaker. "The idea of the base layer is to adjust the body temperature and remove moisture from the skin in an active condition.This is a comfortable layer for the skin and can layer upper layers and layers Climate and climate As conditions indicate.

Base layer - long underwear - can add significant warmth. So it helps keep you warm by putting a pair for winter commuting under
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Wear them under the waterproof shell and add a warm mid layer as the temperature goes down. It does not overheat by stepping on the pedal or sitting in the office. Before washing is needed you can wear the same pair in a diligent week.

I'm going skiing!

Who are you? Someone is planning a magnificent winter vacation.

Temperatures you will experience: You work hard for a short time, and then sit for a long time in the lift during the coldest period.

You wish: a heavy merino wool base layer. They will dry you when you sweat and keep it warm when you are still sitting. Effective layering is a big help here and looks for a middle layer and shell that will function as well.

are you kidding me This one is expensive!

Who are you: From raising the beds on a cold day from working outdoors, you want to stay warm without breaking the bank.

Temperatures you will experience: Who cares, it is cold.

What you need: Synthetic base layer. What you buy from military surplus stores will be the cheapest option, or perhaps Uniqlo. They are actually quite effective to keep you warm, but overheat the second thing by walking through warm buildings and cars. By spending on one of the outdoor outdoor brands, there will be some variation in your temperature

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