Examples Of Persuasive Essay On Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay I believe that Juliet should follow her heart and stay with the Romeo as well as not allow him to be executed. If Juliet loves Romeo then she should be allowed to do whatever she wants and stay with him. There are plenty of reasons why Juliet should stay with her lover Romeo. One reason that's important for Juliet to stay with Romeo is that it's against her religion to marry another man twice, it's considered a sin. Another reason is that Juliet's father, Lord Capulet, believes that marrying at a young age is a bad idea. The final reason Juliet should stay with Romeo is because her parents don't support her anyways, so why should she listen to them and marry Paris. The first reason why Juliet should stay with Romeo is that she's religious. Juliet is catholic and comes from a catholic family. She's so religious and faithful that Juliet didn't even want to talk to Romeo on the balcony scene of Act 2, scenes 5 & 6 unless marriage was in the picture. She didn't want to “be” with Romeo unless they were officially married. Remember how Juliet and Romeo had their marriage performed by the priest Friar, he was there for the whole ceremony. Back then there was really no such thing as a divorce, if you were…show more content…
These people are her family, they gave her a roof under her head, with clothes and food. So all that they've given to her the least Juliet could do is follow their plans for her and let them decide who she marries. After all her parents think that she is too young to experience love anyways, she should wait and marry Paris later. However the minute Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet heard Juliet was marrying Romeo, they threw her out of the house. If they were her blood why would they treat her this way? They were too controlling over who their daughter was to be with, and frankly I must say that this is not their
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