Process Essay: How To Stop A Dog Fight

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How to Stop a Dog Fight
When you spot two dogs fighting with one another, you should not try getting in between them. If you attempt to hold any of their heads, they will bite you. One should also not try grabbing their collars. You should try to be calm and avoid yelling at them. It is advisable to call another person preferable an owner of one of the dogs before attempting to separate them. The following methods are recommended when stopping dog fights.
1. Use Sprays
If there is a nearby garden horse, grab it and use it to spray water in the nose and eyes of the ferocious dog. You can also spray diluted citronella oil in the dog’s faces. It is usually effective when breaking up less intense fights. Spraying a pepper solution at the dogs could damage their eyes, mucous
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The dog eventually associates his noises with the unpleasant stimulus and he avoids barking without a justifiable reason. There are different PetSafe collar types which have different correction methods. They are; PetSafe Spray, PetSafe Sonic, PetSafe Vibration and PetSafe Static.
It has an advanced technology that ensures maximum effectiveness and safety. The collar turns on only when it has detected vibration and sound from a dog’s barks.
-It eliminates the possibility detecting another dog’s barks since it turns on only after it has detected vibrations and sound. This prevents a dog from being punished incorrectly.
-It uses several correction methods hence allowing dog owners to choose the most appropriate depending with a dog’s personality.
-PetSafe collars can be combined with other devices such as scat mats since they won’t interfere with their transmitter frequencies.
-It is highly effective as it stops a dog from barking within a short duration as compared to other devices. It doesn’t cause discomfort to dogs.
-It is slightly expensive as compared to other bark collars.

PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark
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