How To Stop Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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Imagine an animal testing laboratory, what comes to mind? Cheerful bunnies running around while the scientists get ready to wash them with the newest non-FDA approved shampoo? In a perfect world, maybe, but in our world, animals in laboratories are subject to live in cages, deprived of common needs, and endure painful injuries. Most don’t realize the harsh reality that comes with animal experimentation. Over 100 million animals are used each year to test new chemicals and drugs for proper human use and consumption. Although alternatives like vitro methods (testing on human cell and tissue) and silico models (computer-modeling techniques) have been introduced, the government still preferably uses animal experimentation - this needs to end. Animal testing should be stopped because it’s expensive, unreliable, and unethical. Imagine how many lives could be saved if we took appropriate measures against this injustice.

16 billion American tax dollars are funded each year toward animal experimentation. To spend this vast amount of money is ludicrous, especially because there are other methods that companies could use that are cheaper, more effective, and don’t risk the life of animals. However, the government continues to spend this outrageous amount of money because they believe animal testing is “effective” since it takes less time
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Not only does it cost billions of dollars, it can be unreliable for humans, and sacrifice millions of precious lives. In countries like India, Israel, Norway and the European Union, animal testing is completely banned and it’s illegal to sell items that have been animal tested. If these countries can do it, why can’t the US? The first step that anyone can take is to avoid purchasing from companies that test on animals and join the #BeCrueltyFree campaign; little steps like this can make a world of a difference. It’s time for these animals to get their lives
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