How To Stop Child Abuse

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Child abuse is very prevalent in the United States alone. Children are continuously suffering from child abuse and neglect. There are different types of abuse that affect children in different ways. These kinds of epidemics have become significantly higher, unfortunately, in the United States over the years. Although very unfortunate, it happens more often than we think, but we do have the power to stop it. To start, child abuse occurs in four different forms, physical, neglect, psychological, and sexual abuse. Although each form is just as worse as the other, they are all different that effect children in different ways. As many of us automatically picture physical abuse when we hear someone speaking of childhood abuse, that is not…show more content…
Physical abuse includes deliberate aggressive actions on children that inflict pain. Bruises, wounds, and burns are all signs of physical abuse. Furthermore, neglect is another type of abuse. Neglect is the absence of parental care. As a matter of fact, this is the most common form of child abuse. Further on, psychological abuse is the abuse of the mind or mental state that creates emotional damage. Psychological abuse often includes, frequent yelling, withholding kindness or affects, and harsh jokes. Lastly, sexual abuse is the last type of abuse. Sexual abuse is any type of behavior toward a child that is intended for an offender’s sexual stimulation. Examples of this abuse are, forced sexual acts, fondling, and indecent and physical exposure. Abuse could be one isolated event or incidences that go on for years. Nonetheless child abuse is very unfortunate as well as, the long -term effects it has on the victims of the abuse. Some possible effects

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