How To Stop Human Trafficking Essay

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Human trafficking is to big of an issue to be kept in the dark because if it is ignored, then it will make things worse. Human trafficking is a worldwide crime, especially in the United States. Men, women, girls, and boys are being forced into labor and are sexually abused to gain personal profit, which are sold illegally for these actions. The people that experience human trafficking are affected because they need freedom and remain affected even if freedom is granted. Human Trafficking is a popular trend for criminals in the twenty first century and this negative activity must be stopped by apprehending the human traffickers, educating the community of what to be aware of and what it is, and also to report any signs of…show more content…
Correspondingly, knowing what is going on in a family member’s life. Garden Gate Ranch volunteer, Barb Ranck states, “Checking your child’s online activities and making sure children are aware of how predators operate can help prevent the spread of human trafficking” (qtd. in Dolmage). When coming across to social media, children are more vulnerable targets for traffickers, which parents or any other family member can look out for that child on social media. As equally important, having to look for suspicion anywhere and at anytime. Capt. Michael Krumm from State Law Police, stated that, other law authorities look for any young adults that are transporting at odd hours of the night and are looking for anyone that seems to be in direct control of another person (qtd. in Schemmer). People need to watch out for these “potential” victims so they will not become the next target. It is no secret that prevention of human trafficking is a action that must be taken from affected and unaffected persons
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