How To Survive A Nuclear Winter Paragraph Analysis

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‘The Portable Phonograph’ & ‘How to Survive a Nuclear Winter’ Synthesis: An Insufferable Winter Wonderland Are nuclear winters meant to be survived or are they a death trap? In “The Portable Phonograph”, the author, Walter Clark, portrays the story of four men who are stuck in the middle of a nuclear winter, without any of the critical necessities to survive. The above question might be the thoughts of these four men who were stranded in the lost hopes of the icey nuclear winter. “How to Survive a Nuclear Winter” states though that a nuclear winter can be survived with the right equipment and hope. Without hope, nothing can be accomplished. The nuclear winter will be very cold and harsh, in order to survive, one will need to prepare and plan very carefully for the coming disaster. Winter can be cold, but cold is not even close to what these men were experiencing. They experienced “expansive blizzards [that] paraded for days over the vast opening, swirling and settling and thickening” (Van Tilburg Clark, 1914, p. 178). In the article “How to Survive a Nuclear Winter” it states that they “really have no idea how cold it could get during a nuclear winter” (Roberts, 2007, para. 4). It mentions in the story that “high in the air there was wind, for through the veil of the dusk the clouds could be seen gliding rapidly south and changing shapes” (Van Tilburg Clark, 1914, p. 177). The article…show more content…
The story “The Portable Phonograph” describes four men who are trapped in a global climate changing nuclear winter with nothing but some of the essentials to survive. In the article “How to Survive a Nuclear Winter” it describes what will be needed to survive a theoretical concept known as the nuclear winter. One day humanity might encounter this deadly disaster, known as the nuclear winter. When it does, what will their choice be? To keep hope or to lose it? To live or to
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