How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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It is 6:00 in the morning and overhearing that zombies are conquering the world. Immediately, it is time to pack and get ready for the zombie apocalypse. In order to make it, their is some common that will be needed to beat these disgusting creatures. A zombie apocalypse could happen anywhere; in the city, suburban area, or in the country. Sadly, zombies only onto human flesh and nothing else. Before hiding out, it is important to gather your materials, supplies, and weapons used for survival and killing the zombies.
First, find some people who survive with. For example, a group of friends whom you are closer to. You would to pack materials and supplies that is needed. I’m bringing money to buy extra tools and gas for car, food such as canned soup, noodles, fruits, fruit snacks, and snack bars. I would also bring a machete, hammer, first aid kit, tent, sleeping bags, ponchos, toilet paper, lots of blankets, and a car for transportation. A group of us would go up north to South Carolina. There will be an abandoned building that all of the people which I’m grouped
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Their is going to be a fight. To survive a zombie apocalypse, first find a big hunting bag then pack materials in the hunting bag and settle off away to protect yourself from zombies. To avoid these hideous creatures, go to a place where there is less population to where I will settled to is Pine Ridge, South Carolina which has less that 3,000 people. Second, the habitat to your destination will have a amount of resources for survival. Third, the animals that are endangered will have a habitat that is well maintained, the animals will have lots of food to survive. Fourth, the community will maintain an excellent environmental stability by having fresh water with no absolute waste and no harmful noise to disturb the animals while relaxing. Surviving a zombie apocalypse isn’t easy. It takes lot supplies and energy to take on

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