How To Survive Freshman Year

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Freshman year is always the scariest you’re all alone with a million questions. Yikes! Welcome to Virginia Union University. I am sure you have been given lots of advice on how to survive freshman year, but just in case you were not or were too overwhelmed to retain any here are a few tips that will help you along the way.

Once you have been given your room assignment it is imperative that you create some sort of roommate agreement; you do not want to become enemies with your roommate during freshmen week. Please note it is great to be close to your roommate but be sure to make friends outside of them. Also, if you are rooming with a friend you’ve known before coming to college it is perfectly normal for things to change between the two of you. College is where you find yourself, but if things remain the same that is awesome you have a lifetime friend!
You cannot find yourself in the comfort of your dorm room! Don’t be the freshman that complains about how much the university suck and is boring if you never leave your room. The university has plenty to offer you just have to get out there and engage with your peers. Freshmen week is the perfect time to do so, this week is all about helping freshmen transition into the college lifestyle. There are
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The first year of college should be taking seriously. Don’t waste your time taking classes that will not be counted as credits. So please, please take those placement tests seriously. You not want to get stuck taken classes that you actually needed in summer school or staying an extra year because you wasted time. Go to class on time professors actually take attendance seriously in some cases it can bring you up a whole letter grade. Save those absent days for when you really need them. In other words don’t waste your parent’s
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