How To Survive Thanksgiving Essay

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5 Thanksgiving Health Tips to Avoid Weight Gain

If you were lucky enough to survive the overflow of Halloween candy and stick to your diet, congratulations. Now comes the obstacle of Thanksgiving and all of its memory filled deliciousness. Thanksgiving is the one holiday where you can’t exactly change the entire menu to meet your diet guidelines. I mean after all, a turkey and cranberry salad may be great the next day for leftovers, but isn’t going to make the cut at the family dinner. The first thing that you need to do to survive Thanksgiving and stick with your diet is to have a plan.

1.) Breakfast
The truth is, most people don’t bother to eat breakfast on Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to save as much room as they can for the feast. If
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Then continue to drink water throughout the day and especially just before the holiday feast begins. Water helps to keep you feeling full, hydrated, and can help to limit over consumption.

3.) Vegetables are your friend
Before you start shoveling in the stuffing and casseroles; opt to eat a plate of the healthier choices. Start out with a plate of green beans, corn, cranberry sauce, and turkey before you get to the heavier sugar filled options. If you have ever thought to yourself “I need to leave room for dessert” this isn’t the time to do so. Instead, do the opposite; try and fill up one the healthier options and then have a few nibbles, not a full portion or even double, of the starches and sugars.

4.) Be Realistic
Don’t go into Thanksgiving dinner expecting to be 100% faithful to your diet. There is an emotional effect we have on ourselves when we deprive ourselves of the things we love. Food is no different. Depriving yourself is likely to leave you cranky and miserable; and in the end you will end up crying while you eat an entire pie. Enjoy the holiday, just remember to enjoy it in moderation.

5.) Don’t Drink Your
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