How To Survive The Hunger Games

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Hunger games pt.1
i.problem and justify why it must be solved The hungry games is a series where children, 12-18 years old, are to go into an arena where they fight for their lives. There are 12 districts. Each year one boy and one girl are chosen as representatives for their district. The winners are given a privileged life. “May the odd be ever in your favor. “ that is a quote that it 's said either after they elected the people and/or when the games begin. Most people who don 't over analyse just see it as a way to say good luck. If you look closer there is an actual way to make that possible. Whether is to make the best of your abilities, to make your name noticeable to the judges, or to use survival strategies. I believe they
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primary and secondary research tools When researching we need to find the way to survive the Hunger Games. The people who participated in the Hunger Games don 't use the time wisely and die because of it. When doing this you 're would need to look at the weapons that are used and information about the Hunger Games before that.most of the winners won because of their knife skills and that helps in a fight .probability comes into play and a knife will help you control the way that it plays out .it is also a weapon helped to go with survival. the bigger the weapon the changes that you will burn more calories and then you need to eat faster. In the Hunger Games the games start and when they start there in the middle is a bunch of supplies and a lot of people go after them. There based on a person carrier tell you about surviving it or not.This also helps you see that when doing this to not go there even if the things are there you have a better change by running away from all that. You don 't know when the next time you eat will be and by doing this you 're then see that you won 't be able to eat and water is hard to find. You also need to make sure it is clean water at that in the past Hunger Games we see that water I shard to come by . They also tell us that they have 3 days in a gym to train this helps then get ready for the Hunger Games. You shouldn 't try to learn a new skill but work on the ones you
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