How To Sympathize The Japanese American Internment

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World War II took place between 1939 and 1945, the war was against Germany, Japan and Italy, meanwhile when the war was taken place, in America some Japanese Americans were victims of discrimination and racism. All this discrimination, and racism increased right after Pearl Harbor (1941) because the government started to suspect that some of these Japanese Americans will sympathize with the Japan attack and progressive they would start to support them. During this period, those Japanese people who used to live in America were victims of a bad treatment of discrimination. The Americans took their rights away, they cannot became citizens or own land, after this around 120,000 Japanese Americans moved to prison camps around the country. This Japanese-American internment was just the separate of Japanese people from American people. In the middle of all this wave of discrimination and racism there were some Americans that tough that the Japanese Americans were not going to merge a security threat.…show more content…
To ensure their safe of Japanese American people the solution was simple, look out this people. But there was a problem, how are you going to look out more than 100,000 people that lives in all the country? This problem is similar to the problem of the Nazis with the Jews, they wanted to kill all of them but they were all around Europe. The Nazis solved this issue putting all of the Jews in concentration camps to kill them. The Americans did the same but they did not kill the Japanese Americans, they just wanted to keep an eye on
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