How To Taming A Tiger Woods Analysis

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The authors of this passage sought to catch the reader’s interest in the early life of Tiger Woods through numerous techniques and stylistic devices. The title of a passage “How to Tame a Tiger” caught my interest and attention very quickly. By choosing this topic, as the reader I began to question what this passage might be about. At the beginning of the passage, the author asked a rhetorical question about the achievements of Tiger Woods, he then concluded the sentence by answering his question. He also listed Tiger Woods achievements; he used an adjective such as “shattered” to exclaim how Tiger surpassed his goal. Tiger was young and dedicated, the author showed this by the tone he wrote in – he was prideful. The author motivated me as a reader to be optimal. The author is seen to use facts by stating that Tiger was the first person to achieved awards for the different categories in golf. The author gained my interest as a reader by allowing me to learn different awards a golfer could receive. The passage showed how Tiger maintained his momentum; he would often try and outdo his…show more content…
The author compared Tiger as a hero to past heroes. He stated how past heroes have disappointed us, but Tiger never disappointed us to this point. The author continued to seek the reader’s interest by the restatement of the title of the passage. He did this by asking, “How do you raise a Tiger?”. By asking this question, the author grew a short time of suspense where I could pause and wonder how would a parent raise a child who already had a goal set in his mind. Through the use of personal experience, the author sought to gain my attention. He gave experiences he had with his first set of children and how he wanted it to be different with Tiger. The authors were able to gain my interest by enabling me to have my own perception of the difficulties Earl Woods went
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