How To Teach A Lousy Collins Analysis

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"HOW TO PREACH A LOUSY SERMON" When writing a lousy sermon Collins said that one should remember never, quote too many scriptures. Why should you try to show off by over stating scriptures like you are an expert? In fact, the assignment of a preacher is to minister by meeting the needs of the people not to make yourself look good. After all, the anointing makes the difference not the vessel. The Lord needs a yielded vessel that will do the will of the Father and not their agenda. There is no need for you to prove yourself the Lord will validate. God has us in the business of winning souls. In fact, a study of the scriptures and researchers, citing them apparently at random and for various or a superficial intention is necessarily superficial, since time prevents you from testing them properly. Scriptural rambling can bring confusion to younger Christians because they are not equipped yet to follow. However, when it comes to the older Christians, can feed their pride and lead to sin. Collins stated,”the purpose of the sermon is to edify the congregation in their faith, not to convince them that you swallowed a chain reference Bible or a seminary Rolodex.” Therefore, we should only use and teach messages that the congregations can…show more content…
On the other hand, make sure your sermon is not made up of point-by-points instead let it be an organized message instead of a bunch of rambling words. Preaching too long will lose your audience unless the spirit of the Lord is moving in the message. As a result, it would be good to watch the people to see if you still have their attention and if not once, you lose your congregation it is time to close your
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