How To Treat Black Women

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The truth that many black women have failed to realize is that we teach people how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. How we take care of ourselves projects a clear picture of how we want others to treat us. For instance, you can usually tell how your treating yourself by the way others are treating you. Other people will treat you with value, respect, love, and dignity, if you are treating yourself with the same value, respect, love and dignity. We must love ourselves enough to take care of our physical bodies by practicing healthier eating habits, sleeping better, exercising, meditating, and doing things that release positive energy in our lives. There are too many black women struggling with diabetes, anxiety, obesity, depression…show more content…
Many black women are walking around with a smile on their faces, flawless hairstyles, and beautiful apparel while they are dying on the inside. I’m a true believer in looking good but I’m also a true believer in a woman being honest with herself and dealing with internal issues. If some women really evaluated what was really going on inside them, many of them would notice they are filled with anger, resentment, bitterness, or just plain unhappy with themselves. This level of brokenness is not only destroying them but everyone they interact with on a daily basis. Some black women feel that other women are a threat to them because of their level of success. It takes courage to acknowledge your weakness and do something to turn them into strengths. I encourage all black women reading this to reach out to your fellow sisters, befriend and mentor your sisters, and stop resisting them when they try to correct you or encourage you to do better. It’s time to stop backstabbing your sisters, stop cheating with your sisters men, and routing for your sisters to

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