How To Unfound A Crime Report

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According to the NCVS, about 51% of violent crimes are reported and 39% of property crimes are. For violent crimes, 50% of rapes and sexual assault is reported to the police. 58% of robberies are also reported. For property crimes, 58.8 % is reported and for theft 31.4% is. I feel like violent crimes are more likely to be reported because of the type of crime it is. Even though violent and property crimes are both serious I think because violent crimes are physical they are most likely to be reported. Also it depends on the victim and whether or not they want to report the crime. Sometimes victims feel like not reporting the crime because of their personal feelings and if a crime is not brought to the attention of police the crime cannot be dealt with.…show more content…
One reason why an officer might unfound a crime is a victim may not understand the law and something that they reported is a crime might actually not be. Another reason is there may be insufficient evidence. For example, a person may report an attempted break in but the officer finds no physical evidence. Lastly officers may abuse their discretion in unfounding crimes. For example, an officer may unfound a report because of their own personal feelings toward the victim. Organizational and Environmental factors affect solving

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