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Why visit Dubai in 2016 Dubai is one of the most beautiful and visits able place in the world. It is the most popular place to visit. A Large number of construction turned Dubai into the fastest growing cities in the world. It is famous for shopping, it is nicknamed as “Shopping capital”. The city attracts giant numbers of looking tourists from countries among the region and from as way as Jap Europe, Africa and also the Indian landmass. The Urban centre is understood for its market square districts. The market square is that the Arabic word for market or place wherever any quite a product square measure brought or changed. historically, dhows from the Far East, China, Sri Lanka, and Asian country would discharge their loading and also the…show more content…
It is located in the Safa Park. Three different contracts merging on the construction of the Water Park. The first contract is a bridge on Sheikh Sayed road, the bridge contains 8 lanes on each side of the road. The second one is a bridge across the Jumeirah and All Wasl roads, three lanes on All Wasl road on each side, and 2 lanes on Jumeirah road on each side. The third contract is 3.2-kilo meter long canal, to make a sand beach on island constructing the seawall all-around. Four Seasons DIFC: The hotel sits right the Jumeirah beachfront though its proximity to the DIFC can create it successful with luxury-seeking business travellers in addition as pleasure seekers. The 237 rooms either look over the city’s spectacular downtown skyline, Burj Khalifa enclosed, or onto 2 palm-fringed pools and also the ocean on the far side. Poolside, you’ll realise all the standard luxuries cold towels, samplers of assorted delicious refreshments, suncream together with a novelty. Remote control access to order drink and food only push the button. When you want to sleep press don't disturb

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