How To Win Friends Influence People

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Introduction In the novel of How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, there are many valuable life lessons that are taught that are necessary to be successful in life. The novel was written in the 1930’s and includes many outdated examples that are still resourceful today. Dale Carnegie is a wise man who talks about his own life experiences and the experiences of various people, including presidents and successful businessmen. The compiling of knowledge from these workshops he taught led him to believe that it would be better just to write a book about how to deal with people in order to get his word out. The novel breaks down into four different parts which have multiple sections in each part. Each section is a different concept of a life lesson or standard that includes various examples to help explain the idea. The book is a way to get the word out to be a better person not just in the business world but in your personal life as…show more content…
These six principles go together and can be used easily by just putting forth the effort. The first principle can easily be done by just showing that you care about the other person is talking about and by genuinely paying attention. Smiling is something that makes you seem welcoming and very easy to do all the time. People would rather talk to someone smiling that someone who is not. As well, saying someone’s name in a conversation can dramatically make them more interested in what you are saying. It makes the conversation more personable. The final three principles of this part include what happens in a conversation. A conversation will be exponentially better if you are an active listener and are encouraging the other person to talk. People like to talk about themselves and want to feel important. People will like you more if you are more engaging in the conversation and shape it around
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