How To Write A Boys In A Boat Essay

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Hey Guys, Hope you had a great summer .Hope you Met new friends had new experiences and just in general had a great time. During the summer when i was reading the book “Boys in the boat “ My reaction to it was pretty dim in the beginning. I have to admit when i first started reading this book i wasn't really attracted to it as i thought i would be. Although when i got a little more in depth with the book it actually started to intrigue me. Through out me reading this book it started to remind me of my chamber choir class. The reason why is say this is because while i was in choir everything had to be sung and read a certain way. Just like when Al Ulbrickson was teaching the kids how to do a “free willing rowing style “technique None of the freshmen could do it. Chamber choir is a advanced choir class which required a lot of focus and precision. I was one of the 3 sophmore in a senior class and i was new to the choir in this school. So that made me a freshman in a way. One…show more content…
The coach must therefore impart the secrets of the special kind of endurance that comes from mind, heart, and body”. This reminds me of the day in my choir class when we were learning breath support. During that day you told us to keep doing jumping jacks and push ups and told us to run around in circles a few times. When we were finished you explained to us that if we keep up our endurance up our breath support will improve which means you can hold the note for longer beats in each measure. The need of physical endurance is beneficial in the strangest ways. In conclusion, Daniel James Brown's “Boys in the boat” Best relates to my chamber choir class. By its comparison of endurance and the art of rowing. I hope that you would consider including “Boys in the boat” as a book that you can refer to your students this year as a source of inspiration and dedication and
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