How To Write A Brief Summary Of The Crucible

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In the New England town of Salem, Massachusetts, a group of girls goes dancing in the forest with a black slave named Tituba. They are caught by Reverend Parris right in the middle of dancing. One of the girls, The Parris’s daughter Betty, falls into a deep a coma after being caught dancing with the other girls. A crowd gathers at Reverend Parris’s home while rumors of witchcraft circle the town. After having sent for Reverend Hale, the expert on witchcraft in Salem, Parris questions Abigail Williams, Parris’s niece and one of the girls caught on seen about what had taken place in the forest. Abigail admits to doing nothing but dancing in the forest.
John Proctor, a farmer, comes to talk to Abigail alone. To no one else’s knowing John and Abigail had an affair while she was working as a maid in John’s household which led her to get fired by Elizabeth, John’s wife. Abigail still desires Proctor, but he wants nothing to do with her.
Betty wakes up screaming, everybody rushes upstairs to confront what has happened, everyone questions if is bewitched. Reverend Hale arrives and examines Betty, while Proctor departs. Hale questions Abigail about the incident, he notices she is acting strange and wishes to speak to Tituba. After Parris and Hale interrogate her, Tituba admits to being with the devil, and she also accuses various townsfolk of being with the
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Abigail has run away with her taking all Parris’s money. Hale has lost faith in the court, pleads the accused to confess falsely to save their lives, they refuse. Danforth asks Elizabeth to talk John into admitting about being a witch, she agrees. John, troubled by the thought, eventually agrees to confessing. When the court says his admission to witchcraft must be done publicly, Proctor grows angry and retracts his early admission to witchcraft. Despite Hale’s pleas to John to admit, he refuse and is sent to the gallows with the others and so the witch trials meets it gruesome
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