Personal Narrative Of My Life Analysis

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I have chosen to write about topic one. While talking to my family members and fictive kin about the things they remember most about my childhood and going through old family photos, I started to remember many things that I had forgotten, like the time where I took off my diaper and ran to my neighbor’s house, or the time when my mom made me “break up” with my pretend girlfriend or that one time I broke my nose after my big brother launched me from the bed we were jumping on, and I flew into the radiator. I believe that these experiences, as well as others that will be discussed, have helped to shape my understanding of the world. The development of certain physical, emotional, social, and intellectual aspects of my life can all be divided…show more content…
It was there that I learned many different coping techniques from focusing on breathing, to stress management. Being at that facility changed my life from a point of self-realization and accountability. I started to understand more about myself and display more self-awareness. I concluded that my life started to veer off from what I had envisioned it to be in my younger years from the moment my father died. The death of my father impacted my development in a negative fashion in my mind, because I no longer had that male figure in my life to teach me what it is to be a man. For example, I went to go visit one of my uncles in prison sometime after my father’s death, and he noticed that I had razor bumps all over my face. He then suggested that I shave with the grain instead of against. I learned how to shave from a man in prison for…show more content…
identity confusion. In looking back on my development because of this essay, I have started to notice things in a new light. For example, because I didn’t have a consistent male figure in my life, and I didn’t know what it meant to be a man, I looked at how my friends’ fathers interacted with their kids and their wives. The qualities that I liked, I incorporated into my own personality, and those that I didn’t, I rejected. So, I like to think that I kind of “invented” the person that I am today. I know that my development is far from over (as I still want to grow and one day, become an authoritative parent), but I love who I am today, and I will continue to strive to be that person I want to be for my father, my kids, and ultimately,

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