How To Write A Dbq Essay On The American Revolution

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American Revolution

The American Revolution is an example of many democratic ideals. It represents the way the Patriots thought at the time. However, many Patriots went against their very own opinions. You can see this especially through slavery in North America. The people fighting to be free were not allowing others to be free at the same time. You would hope they would feel the same pity for the slaves, as they know what it is like to not have the right to be free.
The large focus point of the American Revolution is freedom and becoming independent. They wanted to break off from the British because they wanted to gain that freedom and not have to put up with the British for other various reasons anymore. It was one of their democratic ideals, and one of the very reasons that makes the world, mostly the
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These others would be the slaves. This will eventually create controversy between people who believed in slavery or not. At this time, there were still slaves under unfair conditions of their owners and owners of slaves who are fighting to get away from unfair conditions of their own. This means many of the Patriots did not uphold their democratic ideas. This arguments is made in an excerpt from the Connecticut Slaves Petition for Freedom that is dated May 11, 1779. It points out how the Patriots desire for independence goes against their ways of not giving freedom to thousands of slaves.
All in all, the war demonstrated the democratic ideals of the Patriots while showing how many Patriots went against their own fighting reason by owning slaves. There fighting reason would be to gain independence and freedom. However, they did not give these rights to others, as you can see this in the Connecticut Slaves Petition for Freedom. As important as the war was, there were some flaws in the way many of the Patriots
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