Personal Narrative: My Deaf Event

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This Deaf event was very different form every other deaf event that I’ve went to in the past. Let me start of by saying it was a far drive, I drove 28 miles to a place I have never been to, but it was worth the drive. This event was expensive but the reason I chose to go to this event was because it was the only one that fit in with my weekly schedule. As got to the event I was a bit late and everyone had taken their seats and there were no more seats left. But this very nice lady came to my rescue and found me a seat. In that room I honestly felt like an outsider for a long period of time I felt like the only hearing person in the room. If not everyone in there was deaf, then 90% of them had to be. I was so nervous for no reason. For example, when I…show more content…
So, I stood up and talked to people and they were very welcoming, and it made me more relaxed. They understood that I was a ASL student and one of the people I talked to even knew Rusty. After the intermission was over it back to not understanding a thing that the speakers were saying. It was like I game where I had to laugh and cheer when everyone else did. But I was enjoying myself a little more after chatting with a few people. After this event I felt like I got a little taste of what Mark had experienced in the book Deaf Again, but the roles were switched I was hearing in an all deaf environment instead of being deaf in a hearing environment like mark was. Although this type of event could have scared me away from future deaf events it didn’t. The reason why I am looking forward to events like this in the future is because I’m going to persevere and improve so next time ill understand a little more and sooner or later ill understand everything that’s going on. Knowing how bad my ASL is makes me just want to get better. Therefore, there are many things I could improve onto make my future experiences better and I’m looking forward to the next
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