How To Write A Diary Of Macbeth's Funeral

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The night of Macbeth 's coronation was to be a joyous one. The evening began with the distasteful welcoming of the King. Endless sheets of rain were crashing down against the large looming windows. Nevertheless the weather could not hinder the state of ecstasy that had taken ahold of Lady Macbeth. Therefore the banquet could not be hindered; or so they thought. The banquet hall was brilliantly light with warm candles; that was until I arrived. Poor King Macbeth. My dear friend thought that he could keep me, his beloved companion, away from his special day. Poor King Macbeth. If only he hadn 't plotted my murder. Then his banquet would have gone off without any my head did when it met that ax.
Lady Macbeth begins the celebration, "Welcome Lords, Welcome all. What a pleasure it is to see you all dining with us tonight. The night Macbeth became King! Please everyone find your seats so that the banquet can commence."
"King Macbeth do not be troubled any longer. I have finally arrived. I could not miss this day. It could very well be the most important day of your life. Do not be troubled." The moment these words left my ‘mouth’ the roomed chilled. My aura shuts down the jovial atmosphere about the room.
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The more guests who left the more the room chilled. The banquet hall is then vacant, except for the writhing Macbeth and his concerned wife. I could not be more delighted by the sight of the ruined night; now to finish off the night as planned. “My dear friend I just came by the party to make sure the dinner ended well. I have only one thing left to say to you. Macbeth you have been transformed. My friend Macbeth would not have taken this twisted path, but you have. The path you have chosen is dark and solitary. Do not fret. You will never truly be alone again. I will be in your mind. Always. I will always be with you to make sure you never forget this guilt. After all that is why I am here in the first
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