How To Write A Diet Analysis Essay

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“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy” – Unknown. After recording my usual for a day and figuring out the detailed nutrients in each meal and comparing them to the average that I’m actually supposed to be getting every day. I realized that my eating style might not be the best choice I could make since it might have a negative effect on me in the future.
In my target nutrients, I only surpassed my total limit of calories by a little bit which meant that just one snack may have not been necessary. I went over the percent of total fat by 3% which is less on what I thought my final percentage would actually have been. I always thought I was getting less than my target for calcium every day, but this intake report showed me that I actually went over it by a lot which might not be that much better than going under it. For the food group, I went over the target percentage of the grain
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I got less cholesterol than the total milligrams which can be a good thing when it’s not taken too far. For iron and sodium, the total I got was lower than what my target was. In the potassium category I went way under the total I should have gotten, which could give me cramps when running or swimming. I also went under my vegetables, dairy/milk, and protein/meat, beans on my food group comparison.
The most looked at nutrients are saturated fat, vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and sugar. I went over my limit for saturated fat, but only for 5%. For vitamin A I surpassed my limit by a large amount that is not in any way good for me. For Vitamin C I surpassed it too by a lot, but way less than vitamin A. I went a bit under the target of dietary fiber, but I usually don’t have trouble going to the bathroom so I don’t worry about that too much. And for sugar I went over the limit by 22 grams, which can have a really bad effect on my body no too far in the

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