How To Write A Fidget Spinners Essay

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Fidget Spinners Essay

One time I brought my three fidget spinners to school. Then, I started to play with one and everyone wanted to have a turn with them. To begin with this essay I am going to talk about liams and his principal's claims. Liam believes that the students at his school should be allowed to use fidget spinners in class. His principal thinks that rh use of fidget spinners at school is unacceptable. Liam also believes fidget spinners help keep students concentrated. His principal agrees with him but she still does not want them at school. She did say that she might at least let them have them out at lunch recess, on the bus or in class as a part of a lesson.I think fidget spinners should be allowed at school.

One of my reasons is ‘’ they keep kids off electronics.’’ I think they keep kids off electronics because there are many cool fidget spinners for example there are light up ones and glow in the dark ones. Also they are very fun to play with than sitting around on a phone. My second reason is ‘’ they keep kids on task while they work.’’ They help kids stay on task because some kids for
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It’s that fidget spinners should not be allowed at school. Some people think fidget spinners are bad because they make too much noise. Well, I think they are wrong because there are many fidget spinners that are really cool and are not loud at all. Other people say there are light up fidget spinners and they are a big distraction. I think they are wrong because they really aren’t loud at all and they are fun to play with. For example, say you were bored and you had nothing to do. Then you find a fidget spinner and start playing with it. Then you will be attracted to and not want to put it down. So what do you think? My opinion is very true and my reasons are true to. Fidget spinner are not really toys. They help you concentrate while you work. So if I were you I would say yes fidget spinners should be allowed at

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