How To Write A Leadership Philosophy Essay

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My leadership philosophy has been developed through my upbringing, personal values, and experiences. Each one of these has been an influential part in building my leadership skills and has guided me as an NCO. I believe that having core values and experiences are necessary for being a successful leader. I was raised in a military family where both my mother and father served in the Army. From a young age, I was instilled with the Army values that have stayed with me and only gotten stronger over time. Integrity, duty, and respect are among the values that have guided me in my Army career and have made me a better NCO. Integrity is vital for a leader and has been a leading value through my life. A good leader will have moral and sound judgment and will have the knowledge and expertise to lead accordingly. Duty is also an important value. A leader must be able to fulfill all his obligations and have the drive to do so. The biggest value ingrained in me as a child was respect. I believe this is a fundamental value in the Army and is necessary for an NCO to lead by example. By creating a positive environment and having confidence and discipline, respect will be both given where received. My most recent duty assignment has me stationed away from my unit where I have had to be accountable for myself and another soldier. I have had to lead and…show more content…
I believe through experience and relationships, I will become a better NCO and can lead by example. By having goals and striving to do better, your subordinates and people around you will aspire to be like you and take notice of your achievements. This is what makes a great leader. My personal leadership philosophy incorporates all of these values and experiences. The Army values are the core to my leadership principles which are shaped with my own personal experiences and goals. I believe through communication and integrity, I can aspire to become a better

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