How To Write A Letter To Birling

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Dear Mr Arthur Birling and Mrs Sybil Birling The time in which I was working in your household was a very pleasant period of my life. However by the time you read this letter I would have packed my bags and not working as the Birlings maid anymore.

The reason behind my decision of resigning is not being payed enough. My fellow friend Eva Smith has worked for Mr Birling in his factory back in 1910 while my sister Ellen was also working for Mr Birling. I have met Eva on my day off, Ellen introduced me to her and we shared many of the same issues including being underpaid and overworked. The treatment I got in your household was fairly good however the workload was too much too handle and I was not being paid enough compared to other maids in the North Midlands. About a week ago on Friday I ran into Eva Smith on my day off in the farmers market, she looked like she have gained weight, tired and miserable I asked how she felt and if she was okay. She answered “the Birlings have fired me twice, stopped my living and many things I refuse to mention for the well being of someone very dear to my heart, may God make justice is all i say”. Staying alive and healthy is becoming harder and more expensive by the day yet my wage have not increased a penny, I have kids to take care of, to feed, a husband that takes care of my children and to him I must monthly deliver my wage
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Consider firing the workers that are not that relevant and distribute the money that would be spent in their wages between the relevant quality workers. As a result a situation where a worker would resign because this worker feels like it’s being underpaid would be avoided. Many thanks for understanding and respecting my decision it has been very pleasant in the months I have worked for the Birlings it’s been a
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