How To Write A Letter To Jamestown

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My Dearest Parents,
When you last heard from me, it was about two months when I first boarded the ship. The voyage was normal at first, the only discomfort being the number of passengers traveling with me. The reason for the overcrowding was due to the passengers hoping they can experience a new life for not only themselves, but also their family and friends. This was my intention too. After a couple of weeks at sea, there was a massive storm that threw the ship off course. Thankfully there were no fatalities, however an abundance of the crew members were injured and unable to fulfill their duties till we reached shore. The officials of the ship did not plan for such an extraordinary event to occur, so there was a massive food shortage. We ran into more storms as time passed, however
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I finally reached my destination in the New World a couple weeks ago, and I am already regretting my decision. This hope that was carrying me through those six weeks of hell, dissipated over a matter of two weeks. We landed in the colony of Virginia, infamous for its Jamestown settlement. I was very optimistic and decided to become an indentured servant to an older couple who promised me land in return for my work. I also wanted to mention my gratitude towards your generous donation in sending me money. This means I only have to work two years rather than the four they required. As I started working on their farm, I realized how strenuous and lonely this life will become. The only individuals I am able to talk to are the other indentured servants when they are around, which is very rarely. I recently heard them talking about the governor of Virginia, Sir William Berkeley, and how he is more loyal to the Indians than to his own colonists. I was intrigued by this, especially considering I wanted to escape the corruption of politics, so I asked my colleagues more about this situation. They informed me that Virginia was running out of land to
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