How To Write A Lyddie Argumentative Essay

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Lyddie Argument Essay In the book Lyddie written by Katherine Paterson, Lyddie the 13 year old girl works hard for her family, around 13 hours, and is surrounded by disease, low pay and is being watched over all the time. But when she is sent a way to work she finds a mill, then she meets Diana, who started a petition and who wants something more than her factory life. Lyddie thinks about joining her and signing her petition. There may be consequences but i think it will have a good turn out for lyddie, This is why... The people in charge have found out about Diana's little petition and they lower the pay to show that they will not raise the price back up until the rebellious behavior ceases. On page 86 lyddie talks about how the pay has gone down in the mill. The text states “while the other girls grumbled that their pay rates had gone down, so it had hardly been worth working through the summer heat. Lyddie kept her silence. That shows that herself and the others may start to waive from the petition.Lyddie is wanting to be independent and find a good job to support her family besides the mill, then she is reassured by a new friend . another quote says. “ You would do well in the mill you know. You would clear at least $2 a week. And, she paused, you'd be independent.”’ (Pg 25).…show more content…
Lyddie is surrounded by thick air filled with dust just waiting to get a disease and she knows it. For example on page 75 it says “now that she thought of it she could hardly breathe the air was so Laden with moisture and debris.”that is only one of the many examples of how thick the air is. along with that it says, “she could hardly see anything in the morning Gloom of the huge Barnlike room, the very air a soup of dust and lint.” (Pg 63) i don't know about you but when dust gets
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