Memoir Of Becoming Myself Analysis

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Memoir 1 of becoming myself. my mom and dad worked all the time when I was a little, so my grandma took care of me. She had diabetes and went to dialysis but still took care of me. But one day she became really sick so she had to go to the hospital and still there for a while but but she wasn't getting better she couldn't live any longer because of all the hurt and the pain that she was going through. I cried so much for her she was like a mom to me, so this day I became strong and I saw myself changing in different ways. I was more independent And I became less talkative and kept things to myself , for example in school when some kids would bully me and laugh at me 4 things that were not funny. they believe me because of how fat I was also they used to call me ugly…show more content…
but I kept on drowning. My mom would wonder what was wrong with me. every time she saw me cry during freshman year she would ask what's wrong I hate seeing you like this please tell me what's wrong because if you don't tell me what's wrong how am I supposed to help you. I told her no I can't tell you because I'm so scared. She was so scared of what's there's nothing to be scared of where your parents we are here for you that's what parents are for to help out their children and to love them and care for them no matter what situation it is. so then and there I told her partial all of my problems. I told her the it was bullying. so many kids at school would tell me harsh things to my face and also secretly but I was right by them and I could still hear and every word that came out of their mouth hurt me more and more. so she's tried so hard to tell me ignore them and if you want to go talk to the principal or your teacher to tell those kids to stop bullying you. I told her no no no I'm so scared they might do something to me. He told me so how am I supposed to help you. she said should I get you a therapist? I told her no. she told me I will get you a therapist because I hate seeing you like
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