How To Write A Mission Trip Essay

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Imagine being subjected to the solitude of the mountains, going a week without a proper toilet, clean water, or even cell service. Walking miles upon miles, in seemingly hellish temperature just to do something for someone else. Welcome to my journey last February. Roughly a year ago, I endured a week-long Mission Trip in Guatemala. First reading that thoughts probably came up along the lines of "oh that's neat, but what's so fun about that?" For one second, stop thinking about whatever you're thinking and picture this. A hot, quiet day with the sun beating down on your skin. You're sitting under a luscious green tree trying to find as much shade possible while you watch everything go on around you. Children, barely clothed and barefoot laughing …show more content…

There were 15 of us from my church all squished into two vans. While I climbed into this big van I thought it was going to be so fun to drive up a mountain, see all the appealing scenery and have the thrill of almost feeling like we're going to fall. Well…. I was wrong. Every second there was a huge bump or pothole in the road so our heads were slamming against the side of the van. At one point the van in front of us got stuck in a pile of mud, so we had to sit on this hill with our emergency brake on while the driver of our van helped the other one. Have you ever got stuck on a rollarcoaster in the middle of the most anxious part? The part where you're almost at the top of the upclimb but then boom, you come to a total stop. Think about this situation just like that. Under pressure, I came up with the genius idea of all leaning forward so our body weight wasn't going backward toward the bottom of the hill thinking this might help. Again…..I was wrong because it didn't do anything besides make us feel sick. The van had a working air conditioner, but we were sweating even with it on because we were all packed tight and frightened that our lives were going to end right there. Finally, after what seemed like days of sitting on this mountain in the middle of a foreign country, we made it to our first destination of

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