How To Write A Narrative Essay About Soccer

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The Winning Goal!

Vince Lombardi once said,”It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” This quote can be looked upon many sports, like soccer for instance. In fact, soccer is one of the most aggressive sports there is in America. Bennett and Thomas have been playing on The Rebels for almost nine years. They both practically have soccer in their blood! Today was a very important game for the Rebels, the finals. They were ranked the number one team throughout Kansas. This tournament was held in Chicago, Illinois. Almost eight hours from Kansas! The boys were very exhausted from the long car ride to Chicago. “Mom, we’re going to be late!”
Mrs.Doyle was frantically driving to their game, trying to not make the boys late. She was nearly speeding 15 mph ahead of the normal speed limit. A deer leaped onto the highway and almost hit Mrs.Doyle’s car, but luckily she swerved just in time. The vagrant minivan slid down the highway spinning in circles ending up on the side of the road in a ditch. What more could possibly go wrong? This incident took almost two hours to get
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Second half came, and Thomas and Bennett were more ready than ever. The both of the two were so anxious to play. The first few minutes looked good for the Rebels, good ball control, a couple shots on goal, things were finally looking up. Bennett was dribbling the ball, taking quick and big steps with the ball at his feet. He didn’t keep his eye off the ball until someone, on the other team slide tackled him, taking the ball away. The sound of the ref blowing his whistle was very sharp. Bennett was laying on the cold, wet grass holding his shin, hoping he could keep playing. A strong pain ran through his leg as he tried to get up, he knew he couldn’t finish the game. Thomas sprinted over to Bennett taking his arm and helping him walk off the field. Bennett was amended from the
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