How To Write A Narrative Essay About Fishing

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We were getting bored and wanted to go outside. We decided to go outside and fishing in the small lake, I really wanted to and because it was my birthday they did it with me. As I noticed it was around 2 am I reconsidered my idea.
I chose my big-heavy duty pole for cat fishing. I have always feared getting a hook stuck in my finger, but I haven’t really worried about it too much. Now a days I always look back on this decision when I am watching fishing shows. I brought with me my pole holder so I don’t have to hold the pole while I am waiting for a bite.
As I picked up the soon to be hated pole nothing really went through my mind (I was really tired). This pole was the worst pole for the occasion because there were 3 spines on one hook, which didn’t help me. As one of my friends dropped the pole without warning I tense up and fear what could
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Oh, the look on his face would be funny. When I saw the camper door open and that the dads were woken up, I knew this was gonna be an all nighter. He drove that truck fast around the camp yard.
“What are you doing up this late, why!?” I didn’t feel so good about the what the future held. This was the maddest I had ever seen him before. He yelled and said things with a toned voice the rest of the night (when he fell on his bed he was out like a rock).
My dad doesn’t know anything about going to the hospital. Anything associated with blood or scary things always gets him. Every time he has something medical related my mom is right there with him. On our way there we stopped at home to get my mom so she would help us (mostly him). That night my mom was home alone and tucked in bed with the dogs ( she was really scared). When she heard a knock on the door her heart skipped a beat. Whenever we bring up the whole incident it’s the first thing she talks about. To help sooth the pain she got me a bowl of ice water to reduce the

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