How To Write A Narrative Report To St. Joseph's Home

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Ms. Cortes was supposed to officially move into St Joseph 's Home by 12:00pm. On Wednesday morning, when I met with Ms. Cortes, we calling taxis and moving companies to check if they had large vans and the prices. She told me she did not have the money to move. I asked her what happened to her savings and her cash assistance that she should have received when her sanction was removed from her welfare account. She told me she gave her savings to the children’s father along with her EBT card, so he could keep it safe. When he left her on Tuesday he did not return the money or the EBT card. She tried calling him, but he was not picking up his phone. At 10:00am, I told Ms. Cortes that we needed to go to Nicholas Perez 's house to pick up the money. Then go back to Project Home to get her things and get a taxi to St. Joseph’s Home.…show more content…
Cortes began to argue over the money, because he was supposed to bring it back to her, early Wednesday morning. By the time, she got the money from Mr. Perez it was 10:45 am. Ms. Cortes decided to leave Nicholas and Messiah with their father, while we went to St. Joseph’s Home. When we arrived at St. Joseph’s Home about 11:30 am. Ms. Cortes did not have her paperwork or her belongings with her. As part of the intake process at St. Joseph 's Home all furniture and clothing must be screened for bed bugs and she needed all of the necessary paperwork turned in by 12:00 pm. The paperwork she needed was the children’s physical exam forms for them to attend daycare, a letter verifying that she was approved for housing in the next two to three months and proof she was in good standing with the Dept. of Health and Human

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