Essay On My New Year Resolution

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What are New Year resolutions? A New Year resolution is a promise you make to yourself. A New Year resolution does not mean you have to change, you can also improve on something. My New Year resolutions will not be difficult and will be within my own limits. There are many types of New Year resolutions you can make. The resolutions I made are based on my previous years with mistakes I made. I have learned from these errors and want to not make the same mistake twice. I will be focusing on my own personal improvement, my friendships, and my grades. How can I improve myself? In many ways I can improve, but improving isn’t the only thing I want to do. I want to set an example to others. My resolution for personal improvement will be accepting…show more content…
There are multiple ways that I could improve my friendships. For this New Year I will listen to them, be there when I am needed,and hear their advice. Some may ask, “How are you a bad friend?” My response to this question is that I find it difficult to maintain friends. I believe this may be due to the fact that I am a bad listener. I often find myself dealing with several problems at the same time and I refuse to see the truth. This often causes me to shut down, I won’t listen to others and will talk more than I will listen. Others may have this same problem and may want to fix it for the same reason I do. I am hoping that this resolution, if I can follow through with it, will help me maintain the amazing group of friends I have now. It is just as difficult to find friends just as it is for me to maintain them. I finally found amazing friends and I don’t want to lose them because of my bad habits. As said by Abhishek Tiwari, “Anybody can listen to your problems. A friend will give you advice to try to make you feel better. A best friend will tell you the truth, the good, the bad, or the ugly.” I will always live by this quote, this is the type of friend I want to be and these are the types of friends I
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