Essay On Career Progression

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Ever since I was young I had wanted and made it my goal to one day attend the University of Washington. I grew up coming to the campus with my parents and faithfully wearing purple every game day but as I grew older my educational paths and my career paths changed and I no longer had the same goals that 10-year-old me had. I have always valued my education and I am very blessed to be able to study what I want and ultimately fall into a career that I will spend my whole life doing and loving every minute of it. The past few years of my life, my emotional and physical capabilities have been challenged due to my choice in academic paths, I have experienced failure but I learned how to get back up and start again. In high school, I participated…show more content…
After high school, I attended the University of Montana where I was certain that I would spend my time there pursing the pre-med path and finish with a degree in human biology but that wasn’t the case. My transition from my home in Vancouver Washington to Missoula Montana was a tough one. I was challenged just not only an academic level but also on an emotional one. My academic career was faltering at UM and before then, I had never truly experienced failure, it was an eye-opening experience and one I am very thankful for, but I realized that I needed to come home and reevaluate my goals and the career that I wanted for myself. That being said, I was able to learn a lot about myself and the type of person that I want to be, and I knew for certain that I wanted to stay in the sciences regardless of the institution I was attending. After my first semester at UM, I decided that I should look at other schools and prepare myself for the transfer process. By the second semester I had figured out that I wanted to transfer to Western Washington University, where I am now and pursue a major of Biology
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