Pharmaceutical Administration: Personal Statement

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Pharmaceutical Administration have become extremely essential in today's bioscience industry. It encompasses current scientific standard practices with ethical, legal and business issues. In this exciting time of drug development and clinical trials, there is an urgent demand for "Getting it Right”, the first time and every time. As a candidate for graduate study in Pharmaceutical Administration at your prestigious University, I am eager to expand my academic skills in helping people live healthier lives by using my knowledge in health care & medicine and combining my curiosity in bioscience, along with my personal traits.
In my school days I had a great affinity to anything related to science and this enabled me to get a good sound knowledge base critical for pursuing the undergraduate program in
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I was exposed to the basics of various processes and administration by following international publications and other online resources. Through further self study I got to know about the process of approvals from relevant food & drug administration and the laws and standards that regulate the manufacturing, packaging marketing and advertising of different pharmaceutical products.
It was then that I chose to pursue my graduate program in Pharmacy administration , as this would provide me the opportunity to achieve my goal of working for a reputed Indian pharmaceutical company in the administration department after completion of my education.
I do believe that I am geared up to take up this challenging program at your esteemed university. During the four years of my undergraduate studies my academic performance has been consistently high, and my faculty members and peers have appreciated my passion for learning, my analytical skills, my perseverance, attention to details and never to say die

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