How To Write A Persuasive Essay About Going To College

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College Debate Essay Do you know what you are going to do after you graduate from high school. If not you have 3 choices you can go to college go into the military or you can go straight into working. College is not meant for everyone so no one is forced to go to college there are other things to do other than college. You should not go to college straight out of high school unless you are for sure ready because most people don’t do good in high school so when they get to college they fail their first year. If you feel like college isn’t for you there is still 2 other options besides college. If you didn’t do good in high school college doesn’t get much easier so you’re most likely not going to be successful. Unless you know for sure you’re ready for college you shouldn’t go straight into it. Freshmen go into college looking forward to the year, but 1 in every 3 does not return their second. Out of all the students that take remedial classes 75% will …show more content…

If you get student loans most likely you would be paying for them your whole life. If you go straight to work you can raise money to pay for your college tuition, and not need student loans. You would probably still have to work in college to fully pay off your college tuition, but at least you won’t have to pay loans your whole life. 40 million americans now have at least one outstanding student loan. Some may say that high school grads should go straight to college because it would help them in the future. With college experience people will be more successful in life with a good job and a nice house. However, people can’t enjoy their money if they keep spending it on student loans. If you go to work early then go to college you won’t have to pay back student loans, and you will have work experience. Without having to pay loans you can enjoy the money you earn and spend it on whatever you

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