How To Write A Persuasive Essay On Homeless

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Finding a home Over the years the population of people who are homeless have increased and the government should help those people who are homeless because of the struggles they have to deal with in the world of today. A twelve year old boy named michael, who with his family at a shelter in Boston, Massachusetts often thinks about killing himself because he’s afraid that his friends and other kids at his school will make fun of him because of the fact that he lives in a shelter and doesn 't have a house like other children do. At the age of 13 a girl named Sherry who lives in a rusty Ford Escort with some company from her mom, grandma, stepfather, and two siblings. Sherrys family now drives through Lake Country, located in Illinois trying to find a good shelter take them as they are, but her stepfather said “Trying to find a good place for the winter time… that 's my main concern.” Over 200,000 children today are homeless and have nowhere to go. The Dangers and Risks Homelessness today is a huge risk in America and it 's just not homes. The risk is from the aids, murder, and to death from exposure. These risks make it hard for survival in the real world for them. “All large cities have heated shelters where to homeless can spend the night, but often homeless people don’t use them because they are afraid.” For homeless people this would be a big…show more content…
Experts are saying that “...The number of homeless people are growing as never before.” Cities such as Boston, are reporting that 13-percent increases that are in need for shelters since last year. Experts also said that “...There are as many as 3 million homeless people in the U.S today. No one, however, can give an exact count because the homeless keep moving and many hide from authorities.” Homelessness for families, veterans, and chronic homeless people are growing each day and most of them just want a place to live where they can lay down their heads and
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