How To Write A Persuasive Speech On Pitbulls

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"Woah! That’s a nice dog!" A plethora of people believe that pit bulls are terrifying and aggressive dogs that attack people even when they didn’t cause any conflict between the two of them. Even though people believe that, I am here to tell you that pit bulls are fantastic dogs. To begin with, pit bulls are believed to have horrible and reckless behavior. They are actually amiable, friendly, nice, and they're very eager to please humans. Pit bulls are actually abused and neglected, so they don’t trust people and attack them. The other reason they attack is because of the owner that raised them, yet people still think they attack for absolutely no reason at all. Because of everyone believing that they are ruthless, 70% of dogs in shelters…show more content…
They can protect you like a guardian, while staying loyal to you. As previously stated, they will exercise and have fun with you. They are very determined and helpful in getting a job done, so whatever you ask of them, they will follow orders and do it outstandingly. Not only that, studies have shown that pit bulls are actually good for your mental health. Finally, there are many myths about pit bulls. One famous myth is that pit bulls are only one breed, but this is not true. Pit bull is actually a mix of many breeds that have short hair and are vigorous. Another myth you might've heard is that bulls can lock their jaws, but they actually have the same jaw shape as any other dog. They don’t have a mechanism to allow them to lock their jaws either, so that means that they cannot lock their jaws at all! In conclusion, pit bulls are friendly, easy to groom, loyal, and lovable. Many people still think that they're terrible and vicious, but I hope I have changed your opinion about whether pit bulls should or shouldn’t be allowed as pets. As previously stated, 70% of dogs in shelters are pit bulls. Because of this I encourage you to go out and adopt a pit bull and enjoy your new

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