How To Write A Pig Dissection Essay

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Before the dissection I felt confident in myself. Even though I was kind of nervous about the way that I would react to the smell or the way that it looked. I thought that this project will be a good learning experience. I have dissected a frog before and I thought it was cool to see the inside of a creature. Even though I have been a bit nervous, I truly have been looking forward to this project.I also hope to learn about how each organ of the pig works together in a living pig. Over all I am excited about the dissection. Our pig is a male. The pig's skin is smooth with a few wrinkles and is a light pinkish in color. The feet are soft not like the regular pig where the feet are hard. The tongue was hanging out some and from the side it is a very light pink…show more content…
The trachea looked like a small white worm. The ribs of the pig white with a smooth layer of muscle. The heart is small, with a light pink color. The lungs are thin and around the heart. The liver is a covering for the stomach and was a brownish red color. The heart of the pig two larger tubes, and four smaller tubes. The heart was black near the back of it because of the blood build up. The heart was about the size of the pig’s foot and was smooth and squishy. The hearts over all color was pinkish red. It was surrounded by lots of blood vessels and tissue. The liver was brown and divided into three main parts. The stomach was a light brown color. On the inside of the stomach was lots of fluid and had small squishy pieces of kale floating around. The rectum was kind of like macaroni filled with green speckles. The rectum had a green tint to it and looked like it was braided. The kidney’s look like two beans. Each kidney has a thin shiny covering over it that looks like scales. It was a reddish color. On the inside of the it was looks of squishy tissue. Their was also one single hole in the middle of
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